Tweetorial begins!

Today we formally begin some intensive tweeting around the ideas raised in weeks 8 and 9 of the course – our block 3 Tweetorial! There has already been some great discussion in the past couple of days, so we’ll include that too! For now, keep an eye out for questions in the #mscedc twitter stream, and respond with any answers, comments or thoughts.

Welcome to Week 9 (part 1)!

Hi everyone, and welcome to week 9! This is a brief post from me to introduce the week, but also to promise a video, which will appear on Wednesday afternoon if all goes to plan.

Firstly, it has been fantastic to see everyone posting their algorithmic play: Google search, Amazon recommendations, Goodreads,  Advertising and search, and YouTube, to name a few! Fascinating to see the ways we are ‘reverse engineering’ these hidden technologies!

While much of our algorithmic play has looked at the web in general, this week we focus our attention on specific educational uses of algorithms, and the merging field of ‘learning analytics’ seems to be where this is happening most prominently. We have a video lecture and a journal article as this week’s core readings, but do also explore other resources for learning analytics.

Our activity this week is a ‘tweetorial‘, which will take place on Thursday and Friday: some intensive tweeting about learning analytics and algorithms! Keep an eye on the week 9 page for the questions, which James and I will also tweet.

Have a great week, more from me on Wednesday!

Your visual artefacts

Thanks everyone for all your hard work on the visual artefacts which we have gathered together here in one place. What we would like you to do now is to comment on the work of other members of the group. In fact there is already some interesting discussion unfolding, which is great. Jeremy and I will spend some time looking at all the work and sharing our own thoughts later in the week. That said, I couldn’t resist the temptation to get a quick snapshot of some of artefacts and there’s fantastic work on display.

If you haven’t already had a chance to share your artefact please try and do so as early as possible this week in order that you can benefit from the comments of other members of the group (which from what I’ve seen so far are really thoughtful and enthusiastic).

Once again, thanks for all your effort on this – we can see that lots of work has going into your artefacts. We hope you found this to be an interesting and enjoyable way of rounding off the Cybercultures block.


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