Thoughts on the visual artefact

Thoughts on the visual artefact

I keep reading this excerpt from the EDC site:

“This block ends with you creating a visual representation of a theme or themes covered during this first part of the course. The idea here is that you try to represent your knowledge and understanding of the core cybercultures themes we have considered by creating something which is visual rather than textual – an image, a video, or some other kind of digital representation.”

Create a “visual representation of a theme…”

“…visual representation…”

Given that through necessity and experience I have come to enjoy creating videos, I think I will choose to create a video and publish it on YouTube for my EDC visual artefact. 

After reading Bayne (2014), I am intrigued with transhumanism – of how “radical technological modifications to our brains and bodies are needed.” This makes me think about learning, of acquiring knowledge and experience… Are we not modifying our brains through learning – through the acquisition of knowledge? We are, at least, enhancing or building upon our knowledge (perhaps this is referring to Piaget’s constructivism?)…

I must admit that I had to go through Bayne’s (2014) paper a number of times as I found it a lot to grasp. I still think I don’t entirely understand everything. Again, I guess that is what learning is about.


Bayne, S. (2014) What’s the matter with ‘Technology Enhanced Learning’? Learning, Media and Technology, DOI: 10.1080/17439884.2014.915851

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