Week 2 Summary

Week 2 Summary

Week 2 Summary: Jan. 23-29

Week 2 of EDC has been difficult because I’ve been very involved with training for my new job in communications in the nuclear power industry (I know nothing about nuclear power). I’ve had limited time to dedicate to my lifestream blog and am feeling the pressure to produce worthy content to post.
I was glad to participate in Helen W’s Togethertube catch-ups where we discussed the films from the Film Festival. It was great to hear ideas from my peers but was sometimes difficult to follow the film, think about the film and follow the discussion. I also think it was difficult for me since I have no background in these topics (I’ve never seen Bladerunner!).

This week, I’ve also been giving much thought to my visual artefact and expressed some of those ideas in a post HERE, along with thoughts about ‘transhumanism’ from the Bayne (2014) paper.

I also discussed my favourite films from the Film Festival in a post HERE. I loved We Only Attack Ourselves and found the imagery quite impactful and representative of the human-cyborg struggle.

I am lucky to have become friends with Chenée who I chat with quite often on WhatsApp; in this post, I illustrate our discussion through a screenshot and through an image of a sketch I made about culture after hearing Chenée’s thoughts.

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