Visual Artefact planning…

Visual Artefact planning…

A mess of unorganised thoughts for my visual artefact:

Visual Artefact – Block 1

What’s this video all about?

Images in the video footage



My visual artefact attempts to capture my relationship with technology – digital, or not.

(Wo)man + machine

In my video, I’m trying to portray things in contrast:

  • Light and dark;
  • Machine technology (coffee grinder) with digital technology (laptop, etc.) and skates (a non-digital technology);
  • Mood:
  • Piano: the simple and monotonous piano melody against the wild freestyle piano experimental excerpts
  • Sound Effects: Digital sound clips (computerised, mech-tech robotic sounds, typing, coffee grinder, power cord, old radio, etc.) against sound clips of dishes, coffee beans, people, breathing and heartbeats; and…

Mixing everyday life – studying, working, making coffee with the expansive land of the digital – of online distance education –  

As the video draws to a close, it speeds up; breathing quickens, heartbeat races, etc… As I often feel in my own life – that I’m out of breath!

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