Week 4 Summary

Week 4 Summary

Week 4 Summary: Feb. 6-12

Week 4 of EDC has been a blur. I’ve had no time to sit down and post my thoughts which I collect on various Google docs. I’m finding it difficult to manage this course and my two jobs (one during the day and one in the evenings/weekends). I also think I’m struggling because I seem to be stuck in week 3 in thinking about the visual artefact as that project was a major undertaking for me.

I did manage to enrol in a MOOC thanks to a suggestion from ChenΓ©e, again, and spent time going through the MOOC content and postings.

I’ve also checked the Hub, but haven’t contributed to the discussion there. Perhaps it is lack of time and/or energy, but I’m struggling to post my thoughts on this public platform rather than just jot them down in my private Google documents. Once again though, I am learning from reading about my peers’ activities and postings on their blogs.

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