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Month: February 2017

Week 4 Summary

Week 4 Summary

Week 4 Summary: Feb. 6-12

Week 4 of EDC has been a blur. I’ve had no time to sit down and post my thoughts which I collect on various Google docs. I’m finding it difficult to manage this course and my two jobs (one during the day and one in the evenings/weekends). I also think I’m struggling because I seem to be stuck in week 3 in thinking about the visual artefact as that project was a major undertaking for me.

I did manage to enrol in a MOOC thanks to a suggestion from Chenée, again, and spent time going through the MOOC content and postings.

I’ve also checked the Hub, but haven’t contributed to the discussion there. Perhaps it is lack of time and/or energy, but I’m struggling to post my thoughts on this public platform rather than just jot them down in my private Google documents. Once again though, I am learning from reading about my peers’ activities and postings on their blogs.

Making choices re MOOCS

Making choices re MOOCS

Since I had no idea which MOOC to choose, I was happy to follow Chenée and do a MOOC on FutureLearn from King’s College London: The Internet of Things (IoT). 

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Figure Skating Prosthetic

Figure Skating Prosthetic

Just Pinned to #mscedc: Aloft | Figure Skating Prosthetic #universaldesign
Link to article HERE.
Miller (2011) depicts ‘cyborgs’ as the the “interface between humans and technology” and of how “technological apparatuses have been used to fix and alter the human body.” The images above of prosthetics for figure skating can be described as ‘restorative’ and perhaps ‘enhancing’ (Miller 2011). I was surprised to find these prosthetic legs/boots/blades for figure skating – in all my years of skating, I have never come across anything like this! Although I have not worked with figure skaters who have physical disabilities (like loss of limbs), I have worked with a number of skaters with mental conditions such as autism. 
I wonder if having a figure skating limb like this would enhance a person’s skating ability or detract from it? As a coach, I am always telling my students that their skates (boots and blades which are forms of technology) are a part of their body – that they have to feel as if their skates are extensions of their legs and feet. How would this work if they were using these prosthetic skates? More research is needed here!