5 thoughts on “Stories of a MOOC

  1. Truly, truly beautiful piece Anne and a really brave MOOC to participate in given the emotional intensity.

    Gorgeous use of Adobe Spark, the black and white images hold the tone of the piece really nicely but popping in some colour video breaks things up nicely so that the reader isn’t left overwhelmed with the emotions of this subject.


    1. Hi Eli – thank you!
      It is a very emotional MOOC due to the subject, but I found the community to be quite welcoming and the topics are fascinating.
      I recently discovered Adobe Spark and love the platform – so easy to use.

  2. Hi Anne,

    Really amazing visual artefact you’ve made! Very creative.

    You seem to have engaged a lot more with the content and the other participants than I did on my MOOCs. Why do you think this is? I suspect it may have something to do with the emotive subject.

    1. Hi ChenΓ©e – thanks!
      There was quite a bit of interaction between participants on this MOOC so I didn’t feel hesitant about getting involved or asking to share things posted by others. And I suspect you are correct – the community perhaps felt more open and connected because of the difficult and emotional subject matter. Many participants shared personal experiences of family members who were Holocaust victims or survivors.
      A powerful experience!

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