Week 9 Summary

Week 9 Summary

Week 9 Summary: Mar. 13-19

Week 9 in EDC was exciting because of our Tweetorial exercise: an intensive two-day Tweet-a-thon on Mar. 16-17. I’ve collected all my Tweetorial tweets into one place HERE, where I discussed the Siemens article, and all my week 9 posts HERE. I also enjoyed investigating a tweet link from Clare from Siemens, Sharkey and Blackall on how to measure success. I made an extra effort this week during our two-day Tweetorial to be ‘on’ Twitter as much as I could. It did, however, become somewhat challenging because of the five hour time difference between Canada and Edinburgh (I would wake up in the morning to find a plethora of #mscedc tweets). 

Although I find the topic of learning analytics (LA) somewhat dry and uninteresting, I’ve learned over this week, that LA can provide valuable information for education. I enjoyed the video lecture from Ben Williamson and  in this post, I discuss the importance of meaning and the idea of students as ‘customers’ in higher education, sparked from a Twitter comment by Chenee about the ‘marketisation of education’. I related some of these themes back to the marketing course I taught at Durham College. I also now know what Tesco is, ha!

I also discussed how students are ‘co-producers’ of their education; I feel especially luck to be a student at U of Edinburgh and credit the institution and faculty for fostering co-production and co-creation between students and teachers. The innovative and progressive DE programme here at UofE allows me freedom of choice in my projects and educational exploration. 

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