ICE Rink @ The Dubai Mall

ICE Rink @ The Dubai Mall

Is that a huge Samsung screen?!? WOW!

from Flickr

While surfing Flickr today, I found this photo from searching for “figure skating technology” in the Flickr world map. I wasn’t aware there was an arena in Dubai, and it’s in a mall to boot! Many years ago, I lived for a short period in Singapore and worked as a skating coach at Singapore’s only arena which was also located in a mall. This photo is reminiscent of my time teaching skating in Singapore and makes me think about the culture and community of skating in SG. Although there are a few more competitive skaters now, skating in Singapore (then) was mostly focussed on recreation and leisure…unlike here in Canada where skating is usually portrayed as a competitive sport. In viewing the Dubai Ice Rink website, it seems as if fun is also the focus there with offerings of public sessions, disco sessions, freestyle sessions, Dubai snowfall and family DJ sessions.

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