Week 10 Summary

Week 10 Summary

Week 10 Summary: Mar. 20-26

This week I was thankful to be able to finally attend the group Hangouts tutorial on Mar. 21.

After missing the other tutorials due to work commitments, I was grateful to have the chance to listen to my colleagues in EDC and to make small contributions to the discussion. I also wrote a couple of Tweetorial analysis posts HERE and HERE. I found it difficult to come up with a scholarly analysis of our Tweetorial, but was thankful for my classmates’ excellent observations in their blog posts.

In my first Tweetorial analysis post, I discussed the micro-contribution of ‘liking’ tweets and of how I feel this act has value because it adds to sense of community and acknowledges my peers (I see you!).

In my second Tweetorial analysis post, I used my own Twitter analytics from our Tweetorial which led to some interesting questions surrounding influence, engagement, audience and gender via social networks. I also related the data to my own professional practice of coaching figure skating, using an example of tracking jump attempts and of how this data could be used for the betterment of my skaters. I found a great paper by Pegrum (2010) about network literacy as a core digital literacy. 

In other random posts, I added a cool video on combining human and tech HERE, posted Keating’s Optimist music for our final EDC project via Spotify HERE, and reminisced about my time teaching skating in Singapore in a post HERE.

I made a brief (and funny) video HERE about Twitter and our community there, and a quick post about our Hangouts tutorial HERE.

Cheers to a great week 10!

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