Week 11 Summary

Week 11 Summary

Week 11 Summary: Mar. 27 – Apr. 2

Week 11! It’s hard to believe we are in the second last week of EDC. During this week, I tried – without much luck – to integrate Evernote into my lifestream blog (see post here). I also spent some time posting about the music editing process for our final assignment HERE, and was finally able to post both the original and edited version of our music choice. Linzi and I have been contributing notes to a shared Google doc for brainstorming/planning purposes for our final assignment. We’ve also had a few lengthy Skype conversations about our collaboration where we’ve come up with some interesting and exciting ideas.
I’ve also participated on Twitter again this week and have continued to add thoughts and ideas about learning analytics and data tracking and practices in education in a post found HERE. In my post, I discussed an article by Audrey Watters: How data and analytics can improve education (July 25, 2011). Watters interviewed George Siemens about the “possibilities and challenges for data, teaching, and learning.” I tried to relate the information provided in this article to my experience teaching marketing in higher education – to tracking students via learning management systems. I suggested that the analytical data gathered by LMSs gives us (teachers) ‘warning signs’ for students who, perhaps, are falling behind. I also observed that quantitative data alone cannot give us a clear picture of a student’s progress or of their actual acquisition of learning.

Finally, I created a video artefact in honour of our Tweetorial event using Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture (Finale) – please find it posted it HERE and tweeted it HERE.

As we approach the final week (12) in EDC, I have also been cleaning up my blog and fixing/editing/adding more information that I neglected to post earlier.


Watters, A. (2011, July 24). How data and analytics can improve education. Retrieved from https://www.oreilly.com/ideas/education-data-analytics-learning

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