Blog-crawl: A Guide for Assessment

Blog-crawl: A Guide for Assessment

Dear Jeremy (and James too if you’re looking),

Here’s a guide for assessing my lifestream blog:

I used categories to organise my blog into sections:

  • In these categories (Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12), you’ll find all blog posts from the corresponding weeks
  • In these categories (Block 1: Cybercultures, Block 2: Community Cultures, Block 3: Algorithmic Cultures),  you’ll find all posts pertaining to these blocks
  • In this category (Comments),  you’ll find all comments (at least the ones which did work via IFTTT)
  • In this category (Lifestream),  you’ll find ALL blog posts (all of them)
  • In this category (Tweets),  you’ll find all of my #mscedc tweets (including Tweetorial tweets)
  • In this category (Tweetorial), you’ll find all of my #mscedc Tweetorial tweets
  • In this category (Weekly Summaries), you’ll find all of my weekly summary posts
  • In this category (Visual Artefact), you’ll find posts pertaining to my visual artefact
  • In this category (Micro-Ethnography), you’ll find posts pertaining to my micro-ethnography
  • In this category (Algorithms), you’ll find posts pertaining to algorithms
  • And finally, in this category (Final Lifestream Blog Post Summary), well…you know what’s here.
  • I also summarised my use of IFTTT in a blog post HERE
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