Weekly Summary – Implications of online community communication

online community的圖片搜尋結果

This week I continue some inputs on online communities and I focus more on how people can be facilitated with the online community communications.  In Nielson’s article, it mentioned that 90% of online users are lurkers.  Another interesting point is about his observation about the power of online communities.  It states to

– Build personal relationshipsand networks of trust.

– Bring together peoplewith common interests or profiles.

–  Engagethese specific groups of people.

Thus, in order to bring people together virtually who never met before, and majority being Lurkers, they are attracted together with common interests and they can gradually build personal networks among themselves and they become more engaged with each other.  As mentioned by xxx, Lurkers have the potential “to become a newbie, a neo or neophate”.

My input on Starbucks online community can be an example.  Starbucks is encouraging customers to give voices and contribute to their online community.  It is “less commercial” to encourage customers to interact among themselves “Because we believe marvelous things happen when you put great coffee and great people together.”  This is an excellent example to demonstrate the 3 aspects about the power of online communities.

In addition to better engagement for online community members, Vala Afshar mentioned that 67% of companies collect ideas for new products or features directly from customers.  In digital education, to what extent can people create new ideas via online learning community?  This would be interesting to explore!


Kozinets, R. V. (2010) Chapter 2 ‘Understanding Culture Online’, Netnography: doing ethnographic research online. London: Sage. pp. 21-40.

Nielsen, J. (2006).  “The 90-9-1 Rule for Participation Inequality in Social Media and Online Communities” by Neilson Norman Group


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  1. Hello Angela,

    Thanks for this weekly summary.

    Looking forward, can I make a request that will help me to follow your summary posts? Bearing in mind the amount of content across the different lifestreams it would be really helpful if you could make a more explicit link to particular parts of your lifestream content (in fact you could even use a hyperlink to the relevant article, image or blog post). That way I can see when you are talking specifically about the lifestream summary rather than talking more generally about ideas from the course.

    Remember that the weekly summary is really intended to reflect on the character of your lifestream content, rather than setting out to discuss either your experiences of the course or a summary of the course content. Looking at your summary this week, most of the word count is taken up with what Neilsen and Kozinets have to say, alongside marketing content from Starbucks and what sounds like some sales data. That really doesn’t leave you any room to talk about the character of your summary. What I think it might be worth doing is to have a look at the week 5 summary by Matthew and my comments under it in terms of what I’m looking for. It’s quite a tricky thing to get right and we’re only just over half way through the course so there’s still time to achieve what we’re looking for. Anyway, here’s Matthew’s blog which I think is a particularly good example:


    A final point is that while I am fairly relaxed about writing style within the lifestream blog (compared to the digital essay for instance), there were also a couple of occasions in your summary where I think important information was missing. Firstly I don’t know who Vala Afshar is so that would need a reference. Second, I think there was a missing author in the sentence: ‘As mentioned by xxx, Lurkers have the potential “to become a newbie, a neo or neophate”. The ideas are much less convincing without this information, obviously, therefore its something to take care with in future posts.

    I hope my comments here are clear and helpful, Angela. Please do get in touch if you need clarification on anything.

    Thanks again and it’s great to see these summaries and other lifestream content now appearing with regularity, Angela – well done.


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