Who am I?

I have been working in a leading role in training career – in professional industry, utilities, property development, as well as in retail market – for more than 15 years. I enjoy providing the training and development solutions to my internal clients.

In terms of my training needs, definitely I need a more advanced support in digital education. While I have already obtained an MBA some years ago, I strive to equip myself with updated skills and knowledge as a learning role model in the community.  Besides the full time work, I also taught in Diploma in Knowledge Management as a part-time lecturer in 2006-08.  At that time I was already aware of the importance of equipping e-learning knowledge which is part of KM scope.  I have been looking for the most suitable program along the years until recently I heard about the Master Degree via a LinkedIn L&D community group.

I am greatly impressed by the support which the MSc in Digital Education is providing to me. I enjoy posting updates and exchanging ideas with my tutors and peers : )

About my life other than work and study, I am a working mum to take care of my 4-year old girl.  She is now in kindergarten and I can tell how digitally capable this generation is.

Her iphone selfie


In Hong Kong, Chinese New Year is getting near.  It is one of the most important traditional holidays here, celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar.  The new Chinese year will be the year of the Rooster.

Here are some highlights of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong…

  • Flower markets: Visit the flower markets, only available in the week before Chinese New Year, to bring good luck for the Year of the Rooster. Lots of New Year decorations, plants and of course, flowers are available.

  • International Chinese New Year Night Parade: It is one of the most iconic events in Hong Kong! With the theme of Best Fortune World Party, the parade will light up the city’s streets with illuminated floats and magnificent international and local performing groups.