All the visual artefacts in one place

Let us know the location of your visual artefact so that we can add a link to it here – tweet it using #mscedc or email Jeremy or James.


Matthew Sleeman Visual artefact in pinterest
Renee Furner Visual Artefact
Eli Appleby-Donald Dark to Light
Colin Miller Do Minecraft avatars dream of voxel sheep?
Chenee Psaros Post-human classroom
Joy Walker tbc
Clare Thomson My Robot
Stuart Milligan The network of humans
Daniel Jackson Visual Artefact
Philip Downey Block 1 Artifact
Helen Murphy Betty Sneezes
Helen Walker A cyborg education
Anne Powers Visual Artefact
Myles Thies Visual Artefact
Linzi McLagan Visual Artefact
Dirk Schwindenhammer Digital Artefact
Cathy Hills La Condition Robotte
Angela Tsui Visual artefact
Roxane Poor-Hang Headed to
Nigel Painting Visual Artefact