all the ethnographies in one place

Here is where you will find the list of ethnographies as they are completed. Please let us know the location of your ethnography so we can add it in here.

Links are to the relevant blog post for each user’s ethnography – please give some feedback on each other’s work by commenting on the blog post rather than elsewhere, so we can try and keep it all manageable.

Matthew Sleeman Mini-ethnography for EDC ’17
Renee Furner Breaking up with MOOC
Eli Appleby-Donald Cameras, Exposure, and Photography
Colin Miller Micro-ethnography
Chenee Psaros Community participation and community development in two MOOCs
Clare Thomson A course in a course
Stuart Milligan Micro-ethnography
Daniel Jackson Break up letter
Philip Downey Visual ethnography
Helen Murphy Micro-ethnography of a MOOC about muckraking
Helen Walker An inherent dissonance
Anne Powers Stories of a MOOC
Myles Thies The Power of Colour (but not really)
Linzi McLagan The Brain and Space
Dirk Schwindenhammer A micro-ethnography?
Cathy Hills The Philosophical Road Trip
Angela Tsui Micro-ethnography
Nigel Painting Micro-ethnography