Week 13 – Well done, thank you and dialogue around the digital assignment

Welcome everyone to Week 13 of the EDC course. Earlier this morning Jeremy and I made the short walk from the School of Education to the Scottish Parliament to record a video introduction, again playing on a current Internet meme. Unfortunately a rain shower/suspicious glances from the local constabulary put paid to our plans therefore we’ll have to make do with a written summary. 

To begin, thanks and well done for submitting your Lifestream Blogs. Jeremy and I will start looking at these from the end of this week and you will receive feedback and a provisional grade (subject to moderation) by Friday 28th of April. That said, the nature of the ongoing dialogue around the Lifestream Blog, combined with the mid-point feedback, means that our comments and provisional grade hopefully won’t come as a surprise to you.

Still on the subject of the Lifestream Blog, we really do appreciate the effort, thought and imagination that has gone into the exercise over the last 12 weeks. At the same time, your willingness to embrace the spirit of openness has helped to draw attention to the EDC course from interested onlookers beyond Edinburgh. As recently as this morning I had a conversation with a researcher in Sweden about the possibility of featuring the current course in some form of published study, based upon the innovate approaches on display. Again, thank you.

With the Lifestream Blog now submitted, attention turns specifically to the digital assessment. We have enjoyed some really interesting dialogue about your plans over the last fortnight and this exercise seems to be shaping up really nicely. If you haven’t already taken time to share your plans with Jeremy or myself you can still do so in the first part of this week before we immerse ourselves in the Lifestream Blogs.

There will be a final video summary at the end of the course (weather permitting etc).

Until then, thanks again for all your great work and enthusiasm over the last 3 months.

James (and Jeremy)

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