Week 11

Hi everyone! Hope week 11 is going well and that you are enjoying what is perhaps a quieter time of reflection. It has been an intense semester in EDC!

Firstly, remember that this two week period (weeks 11 and 12) is intended to give you time to round up your blog and to plan your final assignment. Do keep your lifestream going in the meantime, and remember to do your final lifestream summary before submission on Sunday the 9th of April.

James and I have already had productive exchanges and meetings with many of you about your final assignments, so do please get in touch for some one-to-one feedback on your ideas. Following James’s tweet yesterday we’re planning a post about the final assignment for Tuesday (4th) next week, so if you have any burning questions let us know!

In the meantime, do remember to read through the assessment information here, paying particular attention to the assessment criteria.

All the best for now!

Jeremy and James

New tutorial slots added

Due to popular demand, we’ve added some extra tutorial times for our week 3, 5, and 10 sessions! These are:

WEEK 3: Thursday 2nd February: 10am

WEEK 5: Wednesday 15th Feb: 10am

WEEK 10: Wednesday 22nd March: 10am

Each session will be limited to 8, so do please head over to the EDC Moodle page to choose your preferred option. Remember that you only have to attend one tutorial session in each of designated weeks. If you haven’t already, do send us a link to your Google plus page so we can add you to the Hangout!

Week 1…

We’re swiftly approaching the end of week 1, and it has been fantastic to see so much activity in your blogs, on Twitter (#mscedc), and in our first Togethertube tutorial on Tuesday.

Here are a few important points to remember as we wrap up the first week:

  • It is important to add a few notes to the individual lifestream items going into your blog. This shows that you’re reflecting on *why* the content is relevant to your thinking. Don’t just add a clip from Terminator 2, add a sentence or two explaining how it relates to your thinking about cybercultures in education.
  • Your end of week lifestream summary should reflect on the specific content of your lifestream, rather than being a general reflection on your participation in the course. Tell us about the individual items you’ve added – tweets, videos, images etc. – and how they come together to represent your week’s activity.
  • Commenting on each other’s blogs is a really important part of your participation, and gives you the chance to reflect more substantively on course themes (than, say, Twitter), and feeding this into your own lifestream (just make sure to set up an IFTTT applet for that)
  • You can also blog, it is not all just about tweets or You Tube videos!
  • Think of your lifestream as a canvas for your activity on the web, rather than simply a list of links. In other words, try to make sure that images, videos, or tweets are embedded into your lifestream entries. We want to see as much as we can within your WordPress blog. Any questions about IFTTT, let us know, or ask on Twitter! 

Have a great weekend!