Welcome to Week 9 (part 1)!

Hi everyone, and welcome to week 9! This is a brief post from me to introduce the week, but also to promise a video, which will appear on Wednesday afternoon if all goes to plan.

Firstly, it has been fantastic to see everyone posting their algorithmic play: Google search, Amazon recommendations, Goodreads,  Advertising and search, and YouTube, to name a few! Fascinating to see the ways we are ‘reverse engineering’ these hidden technologies!

While much of our algorithmic play has looked at the web in general, this week we focus our attention on specific educational uses of algorithms, and the merging field of ‘learning analytics’ seems to be where this is happening most prominently. We have a video lecture and a journal article as this week’s core readings, but do also explore other resources for learning analytics.

Our activity this week is a ‘tweetorial‘, which will take place on Thursday and Friday: some intensive tweeting about learning analytics and algorithms! Keep an eye on the week 9 page for the questions, which James and I will also tweet.

Have a great week, more from me on Wednesday!

Welcome to EDC!

image by TheMuuj: https://flic.kr/p/4qqi7k

And we’re off! Welcome to Education and Digital Cultures 2017, the course site is now open. We hope the pre-course reading has been useful, and that you’re up and running with your blog and lifestream.

Use the menu at the top of the site to navigate the course sections and materials, and the menu on the right of the site to view recent posts and comments, as well as link to everyone’s blog. Start with Block 1: Cyberculture, get familiar with the readings, and ease yourself into the course with our film festival. On Tuesday (at 8pm) we’ll hold our first Togethertube tutorial, where we can watch and discuss the films as a group. Creative interpretations welcome!

On Monday you’ll hear from your tutor, with some more details about your blog. Until then, keep customising (note that there should be some other WordPress themes now available), as well as adding lifestream feeds for the resources you’re exploring on the web.