Daily Archives: February 7, 2017

Comment on Matthew’s Visual Artefact

Hi Matthew

I liked your visual artefact a lot and I think you did achieve “the familiar but unsettling” really well.

The Framed video recalled Memory 2.0 – as if a precursor to it, set in the past, with the photographer remembering or imagining someone and an element of this reverie being interactive as he was led to the perfect viewpoint for his shot.

Framed was much more gentle and less threatening than Memory 2.0, which set it in contrast to the photo montage of your Pinterest board. Some of the double eye images and the Blow your mind photo did provoke a “double take” and I liked the juxtaposition of those with vintage, royalty and animal photos. It was a great assemblage and called to mind ideas about the representation of cultures, as well as themes of time and human modification and perfectability. Another strong impression I got was the multiplicity of viewpoints as if in celebration of the mix and the impossibility of categorising or polarising.


from Comments for Matthew’s EDC blog http://ift.tt/2lftPzN