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Comment on My Artifact#1 – Do Minecraft avatars dream of voxel sheep? by Cathy

Hi Matthew

Your artefact was great I thought. It really evoked cyberculture in many ways for me and I appreciated the layering effect of cultures – Minecraft and Bladerunner, the obligatory dystopian weather on the way to a screening of all those futuristic images. I thought it was really well conceived and created and I felt I got a bit more for my bitcoin with the Pinterest board resources too! Did you video capture your Minecraft figure and then incorporate the images and overlay with sound? What do you think a “more human than human” would be/look like or do you think that is the film’s technobabble?


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Mise en abîme

The Conscious Mind edX Mooc

I have enrolled on the edX Mooc The Conscious Mind: A Philosophical Road Trip. It is all about phenomenology so I think it will be interesting to make an ethnographic study of students studying this subject. In an introductory video the course leader explores active observation as a means of getting at a multiplicity of viewpoints, or accessing alternative viewpoints, in order to see and understand something more clearly or to admit of other ways of perceiving. This detailed method of looking at the world seems to fit well with the ethnographer’s goal of understanding what lies behind an entity’s representation or manifestation as if in ‘first person view’.

Comment on Looking to get my visual ‘thing’ done today. Artifact or artefact? Online discussion @ https://t.co/GtQUJt785I and I’m still unsure #mscedc by msleeman

Cathy, thank you for your reflections and encouragement. Thank you, too, for unpacking the end of the film – I’d not quite understood that final part. The comparison with Memory 2.0 is an interesting one. I’d watched both films but hadn’t drawn them together, in large part because of their surface differences. You’re right to dig deeper for underlying connections and similarities, I think. Both seem to negotiate loss and absence, for instance, at their ends – albeit in different ways.

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