Favourite tweets! Doteveryone

This organisation, founded by Martha Lane Fox, speaks of the need to shape technology to our needs rather than stand aside and be moulded by a few global corporations. An understanding of our relationship with technology is crucial for us and for future communities. We too readily submit to the exclusion caused by our black-boxed systems and are lured by the promise and shine of social media which may do nothing but feed upon us in a symbiotic spiral of captialism unless we mobilise critical change.

The community states,

Our citizens are engaging digitally with politicians who don’t understand the channels they’re using. Our end users are diverse, but our designers and developers are not.

We explore how digital technology is changing society, build proofs of concept to show it could be better for all, and partner with other organisations to provoke and deliver mainstream change.

I like the way the community has made an ethnographical inquiry into Libraries to see what they are doing at the very start of their project. It is an effort to understand what is actually going on that so many projects fail to do at the start and is echoed in Doteveryone’s claim that our politicians “don’t understand the channels they’re using”.

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