Comment on Netography 12 – End of project break up letter by chills

Hi Daniel (and Helen!)

Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard of break up or love letters for design research and I’m grateful to you both for having given me the heads-up and for providing a living example! I am guessing that they elicit more information than other methodologies because of their focus on the emotional and also because we are familiar with the literacies of the genre (!). They probably also work because instead of completing an impersonal questionnaire, the letter writer is made to feel central and important. I feel averse to them when they are used cynically for brand/consumer research – they remind me of that phrase ‘your opinion is important to us’, but they would be great for all sorts of inquiry. I love the creative way you’ve used it for your mooc break up and admire your expressive delivery – I would have been too self-conscious!


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