Comment on Micro-ethnography of a MOOC about muckraking by hmurphy

Thank you, Cathy, I really appreciate your comment. I’m so impressed with the ingenuity of our classmates in selecting exciting software to use – this, regrettably, is not fancy: just powerpoint slides, saved as a pdf 🙂

I think my ‘translate into authority’ comment needs to be taken with some caution – the small sample size and a sort of wishy-washy understanding of what ‘authority’ might imply in this context means that it’s a pretty subjective thing for me to have said. I think how we might recognise authority is also open to some interpretation!

That said, I wondered if it might be a question of ratio, whether a 50:50 expert/non-expert split might lead to a different sense of community than a, say, 5:95 split.

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