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Pinterest! Dispositif

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What is the dispositif?

I pinned this because I found it serendipitously whilst looking for the word diapositif or negative, (old-fashioned film slides) for a short post I was writing on Jeremy’s Abstracting Learning Analytics blog. Foucault’s dispositif seems to sum up the complex interrelation of elements making up the mechanism or apparatus behind Learning Analytics:

From Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dispositif

This requires some reading before I can properly decide if it’s relevant.

Bookmark! A thousand hours


Thinking about quantifying the learning student made me reflect on time on task and whether, if an accurate measurement can be taken, more time on task would correlate to greater success (with the usual caveat about defining success). I don’t think it is always a foregone conclusion although mastery of a subject or skill is often characterised by the amount of time spent engaged in it. Time, here, is the amassed amount of hours, days or years needed to become a pianist, a professor or a potter. Is it possible to make creativity correlations? Pinheiro and Cruz (2014) itemise a series of tests to measure creativity but suggest

that the phenomenon of creativity cannot be described by any of these tests alone, but only through a battery of joint measures

Mapping Creativity: Creativity Measurements Network Analysis



from Diigo http://ift.tt/TXCD9V