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Tweet! BBC Tech weekly roundup

Technology to aid and improve humankind?
A robotic hand that doesn’t squash fruit (robots taking our jobs), material that can pick up a fish (eventually to be used in surgery), selfie drones (“internet narcissism”).

Tweet! Robots and Drones take over classrooms

This article is more about teaching students to program robots and drones in the classroom rather than robots doing the teaching, but that’s not far off (thinking of Teacherbot). The increasing number of news items on AI, robots, technology in medicine … makes me think that time has speeded up again and what it means to be human is getting unstoppably enmeshed with tech. We have to keep vigilant and track where power and interest and ethics lie.

The description of UTCs (university technical colleges) in the item made me think, what about the kids who don’t get programming?

Tweet! A great resource from @audreywatters The Week in Robots https://t.co/EZJxXud3OP #mscedc

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Whenever I think of Audrey Watters I picture her lifting a corner of the carpet to see what has been hidden underneath. We should all take a look!

Find her blog Hack Education on “the history of the future of Education Technology”: