Can you decide what a normal day is, never mind a normal life ….. ?

My colleague, Thusha Rajendran, presenting at a TEDx event recently. He’s very tech-orientated, like myself. One of his arguments is that we should not be so quick to decide on a level of what is “normal” as humanity needs us all to understand what we are if we are to ever reach our full potential.

I was reminded of tabloid news headlines which claimed the likes of 100% accurate tests for Downs Syndrome. The news sparked a pro-life campaign on social media at the time such as “see me” which I have some reservations about painting an overly positive image of Downs, largely through my own experience with Downs in my family. I dug up some recent articles suggesting that the accuracy of these sensationalist headlines was overblown.

“There have been several cases where the mothers chose to abort the child after being informed of a positive test, only to find out later that the test was wrong. ”


Rajendran’s approach suggests there is even further imperative to appreciate humanity in all its forms. Although I’ll happily immerse myself in VR, and entrust my photo memories to Google…. I’m not ready to trust technology to tell me what is or is not normal with respects to human life.

2 thoughts on “Can you decide what a normal day is, never mind a normal life ….. ?”

  1. Hello Colin, thanks for sharing this video and the accompanying post.

    I’ve watched the first ten minutes of the video and am enjoying it. I wonder whether it would be possible to bring some of the ideas alongside the content from the readings? Bear in mind you can always revisit an idea or post in your blog – it’s your blog, after all.

    1. I’ll definitely get back to tying it back to the readings, and education too. I think I’d like to revisit all my posts to add more meta data/context to them before we get too far in to Block 2.

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