From Twitter: Through experimentation with technology, we bring about our own downfall – a twist in the tail

My reading and viewing activity tonight took me in to a future world which has animal, machine and human merged in near perfect symbiosis. Harroway with animals as kin. But what might happen before we reach the cyborgian/transhuman utopia is that the animals get wise and start to take us out before we get there. The series “Zoo” (linked in the tweet below) offers an entirely different take on sci-fi than what I was expecting. My wife started watching it and told me about, so it seemed relevant to post here as a counterpoint to it all. If transhumanism would have us shake off our tribal instinct, this series sees us amplifying it. Perhaps there is room for sci-fi where it is not the augmented, super human from the future that we’ve to fear, but animals. Oh wait. That’s what Planet of the Apes was about….

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