From Twitter: Block 1’s artefacts

Week 3 – Round Up

This week was the first “hangouts”. I enjoyed the session. Too short by far.

My dislike of twitter is growing at about the same rate as my enjoyment of it. So that still leaves me cold.

I decided to get a bit more “visual” with my postings by setting up a Pintrest account. However, I haven’t got it working with IFTTT, so I’ll need to edit out a lot of posts without their image.

I’ve been looking at the issue of cyborgs, AI, robots and jacked-in humans with interest. I used the theme for my artifact. As it was a “low stakes” piece of work, I didn’t quite pull off what I was hoping for with respects to the content, but I enjoyed making it and thinking around what I might do later.

My musical input in to the MSCEDC playlist via twitter was a challenge. I listen to a lot of music, but struggled to find suitable suggestions until this weekend. Once you start thinking about music and the themes, it does become a bit easier.

I created a playlist on YouTube for all the items I’m watching that I think have some merit, and some of those that are not so much, I should be adding meta info against them on my blog too.

I’m thinking more about how this all relates back to education. I suspect I’ll get there by week 10.

Oh, and I failed to do any of this week in VR. I still want to try this. Next week, hopefully….