From Pinterest – “Every day is a School Day” in an online community

I had never heard of this simple technique for long multiplication, so this meme hit home.  When off-topic pieces of information are shared within existing communities, it can often lead to more than one person learning something new. “Every day is a School Day”.

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From Pinterest – How to build community

For each of the steps applicable to a community “IRL” (in real life) there is an equivalent step possible for an online community. People are people:

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From Pinterest – Online communities eventually take shape offline too

Perhaps it’s human nature, but I’d be interested to find examples of online communities that haven’t at least talked about meeting IRL (in real life).  Here’s an example of a very successful community that exists both online and offline.

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From Pinterest – Dealing with problems in online communities

I found this info-graphic and thought it seemed to have sensible advice about how to deal with the instances where the community does not meet some reasonable levels of netiquette standards.

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Remember where you’ve come from

In examining the recent past, it can help us appreciate what we have now. Appreciating what we have now is important because we should never take our situation for granted. Communities and technologies come and go, but underlying principles remain the same. Whether you have bookmarks or index cards, you still need to know how to find what you’re looking for. Communities surrounding practice also need to record their history. Your motivation to do so will depend on your engagement, and ambitions for that community and your place in it.

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From Pinterest – we’re not global yet, the digital divide

The internet may span the globe geographically, but it’s a long way short of spanning all of the planet’s inhabitants.  When wrapped up in your own online bubble, it’s very easy to forget that there are still billions of people who will never access the internet that day, or perhaps ever. The digitial divide is real.

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From Pinterest – A cheeky reminder that technological progress is not always for the best

Forgetting the old ways?  Community helps keep our feet grounded and reminded that some of the answers we have come up with are actually worthwhile.

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From Pinterest – information overload

Great ideas can occur when you’re not actively engaged in seeking them. The fear of forgetting something important leads us to ever more pervasive forms of communication with the online communities we are part of. This PhD comic strip is not explicitly about community, more likely the protagonist is engaged in solo pursuits via a word processor, but the concept is sufficiently general to transfer to all ideas, their formation, and recording.

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From Pinterest – at the root of it all is an idea, possibly even a creative one

I feel there is something of a point to be made about the lifestream in this comic strip. We are encouraged to look evermore at multiple media types, and bring in visual (and aural) interest to the blog, but ultimately, it’s the idea at the core of it all that is trying to germinate through the layers. I feel it helps me to take hold of otherwise abstract ideas in readings, but perhaps not everyone feels that way.

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From Pinterest – reading online

There’s something to be said for printing out readings and sitting in a comfy chair to consume them.

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