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Generally speaking, if you think something would be a good idea with any popular web application such as WordPress, someone has already thought of it. If you’re lucky, then there’s a plugin to help. If you’re really lucky, then it’s already part of the native capability of WordPress! In this case, I wanted to fix a category mis-match between a couple of IFTTT recipes I’d made and not corrected. Apparently, I can do this in bulk. WordPress has an awesome community built up around it. This has helped to lead it to its massive popularity for sure. Here’s a link to the guide I found via Google:

Assigning or Changing Categories for Bulk Posts in WordPress

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I’ve been arguing that lecture capture is so “old-hat” that those who haven’t already adopted it should be looking to leap-frog the technology entirely. From a pedagogical perspective, I might expect you to agree with that, though I’m not entirely sure what the alternatives would be, I think they would involve some sort of lo-fi portable recording as per MSCEDC weekly intros, or maybe hi-tech virtual reality or AR lectures, streamed online… anything that improves attendance virtually or in-person would be a productive project to pursue!

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