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As I draw this blog to a close, I found myself struggling to navigate with the default settings. So I’ve tweaked them a bit. At the top of the blog, there is a “page selector” menu item which allows anyone browsing to jump quickly to a page. I added this because the user experience of reading in reverse chronological order is otherwise very frustrating, but having ~400 posts on one page load is probably not a good idea either! However, without access to the PHP driving the site, or to add additional modules, I can’t see how to create jump links to the bottom of the page, you still have to scroll down to start reading in reverse chronological order.

Obviously anyone browsing this blog from start to finish could do so at an individual post level, in which case considering this additional feature is moot, but it’s there now in any case and was relatively trivial to set up.

Meta: Very useful tip about editing WordPress categories

Generally speaking, if you think something would be a good idea with any popular web application such as WordPress, someone has already thought of it. If you’re lucky, then there’s a plugin to help. If you’re really lucky, then it’s already part of the native capability of WordPress! In this case, I wanted to fix a category mis-match between a couple of IFTTT recipes I’d made and not corrected. Apparently, I can do this in bulk. WordPress has an awesome community built up around it. This has helped to lead it to its massive popularity for sure. Here’s a link to the guide I found via Google:

Assigning or Changing Categories for Bulk Posts in WordPress

Feature image source:

In a bid to stop the spam, if you see a password request for a post, it’s the same as our module hashtag on twitter

It was getting a bit out of hand. Without any control over the plugins on this wordpress site, none of the usual means are available to combat the spam.

So, I’ve started to stick posts behind a password to see if that has any impact or not.

think of the hashtag letters we use ….

From Twitter: More IFTTT tinkering…

It takes up time to set up, but I hope this works. Perhaps a “manual” cut and paste is as quick in any case?

From Twitter: still ironing out the kinks of IFTTT

I’m sticking some of these together now.

From Twitter, with love… not.

I like when technology works. I like it a lot. But at the moment, this is not working reliably. Subsequently to the tweet below, I now have to enter into each post and setup the IFTTT twitter URL as a link via the WYSIWYG and then update the post. But it only works if you click the WYSIWYG link button and then press submit. Any other click between the two, and the tweet will not embed as this one here:

From Twitter: Twitter Meta

Last week, I created an IFTTT applet to draw together people who were using the #mscedc hashtag on twitter. It worked! It’s useful, because I can follow the people and keep up with their tweets.

IFTTT WordPress -> Twitter (and back again….)

Can’t say I’m enjoying using IFTTT at the moment. I’m sure I grasp it. It just lacks enough hooks to make it really versatile. Or perhaps I don’t grasp it, and it requires problem solving on your own. I have made a living largely reliant on not being slow on the uptake when it comes to “new” technology, so I don’t like to be beaten. Turns out that the reason I couldn’t get my tweets to display in a reasonable acceptable aesthetic manner was because of the WordPress template.

Now I’ve sorted that, the IFTTT feed from twitter isn’t updating my blog.

Meanwhile, I’ve added an IFTTT applet which posts “blogpost” category WordPress entries in to Twitter. Which will create a single feedback loop, unless I can find the “If this then NOT that” equivalent…..


From Twitter: getting to grips with ITFF, part #124

from Twitter

From Twitter: tweetception

IFTTT is not intelligent, but then again, the person programming it cannot escape blame for this kind of mishap either. Creating an infinite loop of reposting appears to be possible.

from Twitter

From Twitter: A story of a twitter addict?

Visibility on Twitter is a numbers game, but I personally do not enjoy continual dominance of my twitter feed by a single poster.

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From Twitter: the struggle with IFTTT is real

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From Twitter: A collaboration on a Minecraft cinema?

We used minecraft in IDEL, it was a good common room. It’s a shame it doesn’t feature in Education and Digital Cultures.

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From twitter: setting habits

I find it easier to keep everything in one place. We don’t have a single platform, but I can pull threads together so that everytime I open up my web browser, I’m confronted by the relevant pages to check over.

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#mscedc anyone willing to share how to improve formatting on ifttt tweets->wordpress? I see some lovely formatting…

from Twitter

edit: I’m leaving this one as-is. This is one of the templates IFTTT and I started off for setting my Tweets. I had to test multiple templates before getting one that presented the link as an embedded tweet. It really does not sit well with my years of exposure to graphic and web design. Not that I’m especially talented in either, but I’d rather have my site legible, which this format is not.

From Twitter: “first twitter account picked up by my IFTTT routine” to create a list of contributors

link to the list:

From Twitter: “IRL” interrupts

You don’t need physical proximity to reach out to get support! Much appreciated.

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January 20, 2017 at 10:55AM

From Twitter: Togethertube catchup

Oh to be a full-time student! Togethertube is not an asynchronous activity so scheduling along with IRL is important.

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January 20, 2017 at 10:55AM

From Twitter: still finding my feet

Support from my fellow students via Twitter is much appreciated. Distances involved are not important when you can draw “lifts” from the words on the screen.

from Twitter

January 20, 2017 at 10:52AM

From Twitter: Momentum building?

Time is spent on discussing words that define our situation, society, the balance of power doesn’t shift, and the meaning of words will never be codified.

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January 19, 2017 at 11:54PM

From Twitter: Our community expands

My twitter comment is in reference to the course documentation that says
“Content is being fed into the lifestream:blog regularly – nearly every day – and this is demonstrated across the whole period of the course.” (p11)

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January 19, 2017 at 11:49PM

From Twitter: some questions on practical application of the technology used on the module

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January 18, 2017 at 05:37PM