Another brick in the wall – My part II

Looking back over my blog, Nigel and I had an idea that the anthemic Pink Floyd Song “another brick in the wall part 2” might have relevance to the First Block of Education and Digital Cultures.

On review, I think it probably has more to say about Block 3. Not that I’m trying to shoe-horn this song in to my life stream, but I did grow up with Floyd.

If the metaphor is changed from thinking about student rebelion, to governmental control, as suggested in the blog post by Walter Benjamin it is much easier to look at the issues surrounding algorithms in education. Particularly with relevance to any perception of “loss” of teaching as a human-only skill, in favour of the AI, Microlearning, and adaptive pathways for students.

The sausage machine metaphor could readily sit with xMOOCs too.

From Twitter: The Matrix

In the 90’s movie “The Matrix”, Neo enters in to a fully simulated virtual reality by means of having a spike jammed in to a fit-for-purpose socket on the back of his skull. To consider what is consciousness, Neo’s guide and mentor explains a few facts about this universe. This sort of immersion is a common theme in sci-fi, but it has relevance to learning too. Just plugging in to a machine to learn something is quite a compelling idea. I first remember this concept at secondary school when we read a book entitled “Devil on my back“.

From Youtube: PostHuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism

Transhumanism is a concept mentioned by Bayne (2014) which she claims is often used interchangably with Posthumanism despite being in “radical tension with each other” (p5)

Bayne, S. (2014) What’s the matter with ‘Technology Enhanced Learning’? Learning, Media and Technology, DOI: 10.1080/17439884.2014.915851