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I think a huge part of any anti-social/illegal sub-culture is part of the connection with like-minds. The internet makes it even easier to connect with people, so in some regards the web is an enabler for a group exploting vulnerability in online software in more than one way.

Is this a question that has come from this block’s reading? I’m settling down to them this weekend.

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Open means open, and you can take advantage of opportunity to discuss, or not…

JANUARY 29, 2017 AT 4:11 PM
I read your post twice and skimmed it several times, went out for some fresh air, then came back to it with a cup of tea, before committing to this comment. I don’t have an existing field of studies to draw upon to make more sense of it than I do. I’m not a scholar by trade, but I embarked on this MSc to learn, and I am interested in what you write because I can feel it scratching away at my brain, even if it’s beyond my initial attempts to unlock its meaning or access the background it comes from.

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