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I posted this tweet from back of reading Jeremy’s paper in the reading list for this block

“The drive for technologies that facilitate our ‘community learning’ have simultaneously embroiled education in a Silicon Valley culture, motivated by data acquisition and profit. ” Knox (2015, p.2)

Knox, J. 2015. Community Cultures. Excerpt from Critical Education and Digital Cultures. In Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory. M. A. Peters (ed.). DOI 10.1007/978-981-287-532-7_124-

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This is a good example as to how AI, robotics can actually enhance our world. If they are doing the type of job that might actually be impossible for humans to do, such as work under extreme pressures  at the bottom of the sea, then they are not threatening society with ruin, rather, ensuring the survival of the human race.

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Ultimately, the human race’s survival depends on our ability to escape this solar system. Perhaps much of the gloom of cyber-culture’s more dystopian views, are partly accepting that our doom is inevitable one way or another. More likely we’ll destroy ourselves before our sun runs out of energy. Granted that point is so far away as to statistically insignificant, BUT nevertheless, understanding how light travels, so that perhaps one day we may travel faster than it, is just another example of how human’s are capable of understanding even more how that might happen when we use tools to our best advantage. Capturing light moving as if it was a solid object is an amazing feat.

From Twitter: An exercise in community

Willingness to assist in the problems of others in your community is a good way to build that sense of community, even if you’re many miles apart. But when it comes to a need for physical intervention – it gets a bit more tricky!

From Twitter: Not every bit of technological progress is a giant leap….

Are we looking at the next steps toward our fully immersive future in Virtual Reality?

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From Twitter: Toward my artefact

Unable to access minecraft due to technical errors. I was planning on working on my artefact.

From Twitter: Humans and perfection

I was minded about the warning contained in the Matrix that the pursuit of perfection (if transhumanism could be seen as such) in humanity could very well drive us insane, or lead to systemic failure (2 minutes onwards), but I also thought this was quite an amusing take on the scene.

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In the 90’s movie “The Matrix”, Neo enters in to a fully simulated virtual reality by means of having a spike jammed in to a fit-for-purpose socket on the back of his skull. To consider what is consciousness, Neo’s guide and mentor explains a few facts about this universe. This sort of immersion is a common theme in sci-fi, but it has relevance to learning too. Just plugging in to a machine to learn something is quite a compelling idea. I first remember this concept at secondary school when we read a book entitled “Devil on my back“.

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We were encouraged to think about how music might relate to our themes

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This post links to someone deeply involved in the writing, research and seeking solutions around the issues brought up by humanism. I like the practical focus of solutions and ideas, but somehow cautious of what is being sold.

From Twitter: Through experimentation with technology, we bring about our own downfall – a twist in the tail

My reading and viewing activity tonight took me in to a future world which has animal, machine and human merged in near perfect symbiosis. Harroway with animals as kin. But what might happen before we reach the cyborgian/transhuman utopia is that the animals get wise and start to take us out before we get there. The series “Zoo” (linked in the tweet below) offers an entirely different take on sci-fi than what I was expecting. My wife started watching it and told me about, so it seemed relevant to post here as a counterpoint to it all. If transhumanism would have us shake off our tribal instinct, this series sees us amplifying it. Perhaps there is room for sci-fi where it is not the augmented, super human from the future that we’ve to fear, but animals. Oh wait. That’s what Planet of the Apes was about….