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Even when entirely consumed by a technology that separates us physically, our human need for society, tradition, ceremony and personal contact remains and will find ways to be expressed.

From Twitter: bridging the phsyical gap that technology facilitates

“The world is smaller” I read and hear around the internet regularly enough. Mostly down to communications and shared media through technology, especially the internet. Flip side is that it is also easier to be apart from people you have formed relationships with. Not necessarily physical relationships, but if it is that sort of relationship, technology can attempt to bridge the gap too.

From Twitter: Another successful Togethertube meeting

From Twitter: VR meeting spaces

If Virtual Reality (VR) is to become successful/popular/widespread, it will meet the “needs” of online communication. Something like AltSpace VR will provide a social space similar to instant messaging, facebook messages, hangouts and so on. The implications of doing so are worth studying, as we merge our human self with the machine in an “alternative” universe which exists solely through binary code running on computers somewhere on the internet.

From Twitter: More IFTTT tinkering…

It takes up time to set up, but I hope this works. Perhaps a “manual” cut and paste is as quick in any case?

From Twitter – Feedback loops

I’m not sure how to resolve the feedback loop here thanks to IFTTT’s apparent lack of conditional logic (am I missing something?) But I will try to go in and delete these types of posts. Feedback loops, now where did I read something about those in the course readings…. Time to leave the screen for a bit.