A new journey

Education and Digital Cultures is my third module for Digital Education and probably the one that I feel least prepared for. The only direct experience that I think I have is from the #edcmooc back in 2014 and thinking about assemblages in the Digital Student Experience module last semester.

My natural tendency is to put the human before the technical and I wonder if this will change over the course. Is the boundary between the two going to blur?

Finally,  I am wondering along with other fellow students how I am going to ensure that I make sense at the end of each week of my (compulsory) lifestream of consciousness via IFTTT.  We haven’t stated yet but already new technologies explored and still more to go.

Let the adventure begin…

One Reply to “A new journey”

  1. I’m sharing your questions / wonderings too. I hope the experience works out well for you, and the Digital Student Experience module sounds like a useful precursor.
    If you’re ever over on my blog, please tell me a bit about assemblages. I’ve heard the term, have the roughest of ideas, and am interested in a bit of direction.
    And go well with the weekly write-ups!

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