Going manual

So after a morning of frustration and wrestling with my IFTTT applets I am opting to put down a few words manually. This allows me to both vent and introduce some much needed imagery into my stream. Last week I focused on just my thoughts, added to Tweets, and although plain it resulted in a pretty streamlined stream (pun intended), however, as the links weren’t working it was hard work to see what I was commenting on.

Now I have sorted out the links to the original content but still no images and it all looks a repetitive mess so it will be back to IFTTT after I finish this. I next turned to Pinterest as an alternative method to add pictures, however, for some reason this is failing to display the image. A quick search highlighted that IFTTT needs the actual image extension to display properly but when I linked directly to the .jpg it still didn’t show. The perfectionist in me wants to delete my failed attempts as it destroys the aesthetic of the blog in addition to visually publicly showing my incompetence (which as a learning technologist is proving amusing) but it is an important part of my story as I have lost several hours on technical details rather than reading course content and other blogs.

So I stepped aside from the digital for a few moments and turned to my older pen and paper technology and made some notes from Jeremy’s week one welcome to refocus me. Our family robot says ‘hello’ to you all (he actually plays music and dances so he might appear again later in my artefacts). Thank you Jeremy for the suggestion.

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  1. Hey Clare,
    this is something I am struggling with too. I think I am conditioned through my job that when I add anything to the web it has to meet certain standards of aesthetics and accessibility, the lifestream approach doesn’t really live up to this so I can’t help myself, I want to go back and edit, tweak and visualise everything.

    I like to think that the concept of showing a stream of real life rather than presented life we see on facebook and Instagram is somehow more real and grittier. I think I understand it as a concept, as a kick back, doesn’t mean I enjoy it in this sense 🙂

    I too have had a bit of a nightmare with IFTTT and wasted hours trying to get it to do something I could have done manually in half an hour so I feel your pain.

    Maybe if we force ourselves to engage, we may be pleasantly surprised to see changes in our assumptions and maybe even our own behaviours by the end of the course?

    1. Hi Eli, I think our thoughts are overlapping and your post ‘Open – I feel vulnerable‘ resonates! As another multi-blogger it has me now thinking that even though we reflect openly in other spaces that we may be overly controlling them thus slightly defeating the purpose? If this is the case then I entirely agree with your question here – perhaps being pushed out of our comfort zones will change our assumptions and behaviours. I came across this tweet today which might nudge us on: https://twitter.com/KeeganSLW/status/823635493921419264

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