Tweet MOOCs

This was a quite an odd article starting with an odd photograph of a line of children sitting staring at screens for a story about MOOCs, the vast majority of which are designed for adult education. Also adults wouldn’t be sitting in a row in a classroom participating in one! Is this just laziness or a way of trying to subvert thoughts around MOOCs? The summary article for a piece of research then goes on to describe how those who comment are most likely to finish the course. This is then followed up with the admission that most commenters are ¬†older/retired/not working etc and therefore have the time to comment. Also, surely engagement is a sure sign of possible completion. Lastly, those non-commenters who are younger/working have no drive to complete non-accredited courses – they are getting what the need, literally on the run! Are we continuing to apply the same metrics to MOOCs as formal courses and if so why?