The next big thing

On the whole last week’s ethnography research outputs did not support the hype of the disruptive influence that MOOCs, however, turning now to big data is this going to result in an educational game changer for the learner? According to Eynon perhaps not:

However, perhaps unsurprisingly, the pervading discourse around Big Data and education is increasingly one of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, both in terms of the use of the data to improve education ‘delivery’ and as a means of carrying out research in our field. (Eynon, 2013)

We seem intent on focusing on the hype of each wave of new technological innovation for efficiency and cost saving. The need for pause to consider long term impacts, the learners, quality and ethical issues remains the same. Should we? rather than we can!


Rebecca Eynon (2013) The rise of Big Data: what does it mean for education, technology, and media research?, Learning, Media and Technology, 38:3, 237-240, DOI:10.1080/17439884.2013.771783

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  1. Nice image. The picture seems quite sinister when you read the text! I like the critique here: the constant need to claim disruption and revolution in education. I wonder, is that really because it is in crisis, or because it benefits those promoting the technology?

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