Comment on Visual Artefact #mscedc by cthomson

Hi Linzi, what a truly wonderful image. For me the weaving of the human and the technical conveys so clearly the complexity of how the digital is an integral part of our lives now – almost impossible to separate. I am wondering what the motivation of making your head less ‘human’ was, going from skin colouring to black? Is it due to the digital input arriving at that point and dehumanising us, a virtual black hole so to speak?

from Comments for Linzi’s EDC blog

Comment on Digital artefact: Post-human classroom by cthomson

I loved your artefact Chenée. For me the background photograph was the most intriguing mostly due to the empty bookcase which seemed to represent a future of only digital media and no print books on display. Having found out after it was your own photograph therefore made it even more interesting. I did manage to guess that it was you on the screen though.
All in all really thought provoking, thank you.

from Comments for Chenée’s Education & Digital Culture blog