DnB + Cyborg Manifesto = a lapse into teenage poetry

For the first time in a long while I am in a band where the singer is happy for me to have a go at writing song lyrics. Singers are usually quite precious about this as they want to feel emotionally connected to the words they are singing to add conviction to their performance, however Pavel’s first language is Polish so he says he tends to feel quite distanced from lyrics in English anyway. So I here I am having a pop at producing odd imagery to his vocal melodies.

I’ve taken the vocal melody from the jam above and drawn upon the Cyborg Manifesto and come up with:

Children with baboon hearts dream

Of cloning sheep

mice grow ears from their back


the boundaries between me

and the machine

seem soluble and oh so slack


moments of frozen theory

elide and crack

so raise three eyebrows to the perverse


all that is natural

melts into air

we spit and curse, transmit and disperse


I am a creation

Of infinity

A sunlight product of databanks


no more salvation

through affinity

as I am built genders collapse”


Band practice is tomorrow night so we’ll see if it meets the group’s approval.