Forgotten Songs of Cyborgs

I remembered the other day that when I was in a female fronted indie electro band called She Who Must Be Obeyed that I wrote a sci-fi cyborg influenced song that seems to mirror Haraway’s call for playful techno-feminism.

I was interested in how PJ Harvey in 50 ft Queenie had taken the boastful phallic omnipotent myth making of Jimi Hendrix but switched to a female perspective.  I decided to do the same but use sci-fi imagery.

I’ve now lost both the word document and the soundfiles for the song but I can remember the 4 lines I was most pleased with:

“I am a cave, a canyon

a chrystal chrome cavern

an electrophantasm

that defies your world”

This, to me, seemed like the female inversion of Hendrix’s lines about standing on a mountain top and flattening it with his hand. Of course, the thing is that Haraway was calling for the collapse of the male/female dualism whilst I seem to be using techno imagery to reinforce them. So not a perfect mirror to Haraway’s work.

Other questions that are raised here: should we trust all of our cultural output to the cloud? Do we not need some hardcopies in case of future problems accessing the digital? I am sort of OK that I haven’t archived everything my bands have done, I have little recordings here and there of nearly all of them which allows me to fill the gaps with nostalgic reveries. But I definitely wouldn’t want to risk all of it becoming one day in accessible.