Week 3 Synthesis – A New Approach

Drawing upon the advice I got from the tutorial I am going to try and be more thematic in my summaries from now on.

For me the week’s theme is serious play. A post-modern approach to scholarship that was cited in the Cyborg Manifesto and can be linked to the ethos behind the gamification of Education. Although, as a musician I tend to think of the verb play in that context rather than with games. This interpretation is also reflected in the musical slant to all my posts.

So what have I done?:

Played with Cyborg Manifesto to make song lyrics, a not entirely new approach for me. I also tried to set some notes on Cybernetics to music.

I have bombarded the mscedc twitter with cyborg themed songs. I am grateful that they will be pulled into a playlist.

My favourite post was about playful musical interpretations of speech.

For me this approach raises questions of what constitutes “serious” and “proper” scholarship. Are these valid methods to evidence my engagement with the course? Although enjoyable the contrast with my previous studies makes me a bit uncertain. Am I learning just as much? If I say I have learnt something is this what I mean by a “valid method”? Or by validity do I mean have a produced something that will earn me marks according to the course’s grading criteria? Should this reflexive calculations be part of my approach or should I just continue playing around? These are serious questions.