Netnography 1 – A Map

So I am going to do my Netography on the group forums of Drumeo Edge. Drumeo is one of the most popular drum education websites on the net with multiple platforms including regular hour long free lessons on youtube.

You do have to pay to join the main site and get access to the forums but I’m happy to bear the cost as a chance to do link my personal interests to my studies. I navigated my way to the forums and went on the non-drums discussion board. There was an interesting thread called “Find a drum buddy, where do you live in real life?”. There was a google maps link attached where people could pin their location.

Two things occur to me. One, I suspect the actual membership of the website is far more than the 135 pinned members. These members are likely to be more active on the forums. Two, the map reflects the heavy US/western slant of the drumeo community. I’ll be looking more into this but I my initial contact with their output suggested to me it would be North American-centric in their teachers, play a long songs and lesson genres.