Netography 2 – Applying Kozinet’s taxonomy

What type of online community is the drumeo edge members forum?

Using Kozinet’s taxonomy I would say somewhere between a geek and a building community depending on your usage of the boards.

It is obvious that there is a high orientation towards drumming in the community. You wouldn’t go on the site if you didn’t want to learn about drums and you wouldn’t pay the not inconsiderable members fee to join the drumeo edge section of the site if you weren’t really serious about discussing drums.

So it’s easy to place the community in the top half of Kozinet’s square.

How intense the communal relationship are is more difficult to ascertain. There are some members with hundreds of posts and various badges on their profile. They have pinned profiles in the “Student progress discussion” forum and judging from the familiarity and in jokes on their posts have clearly been interacting with some members for several years. These members have home studios with cameras to record themselves playing, often along to the monthly song challenges. This to me firmly places them as builders. However, others either due to lack of time or technical recording skills don’t post videos, only offer commentary and critique. Others only lurk.

What this illustrates is how difficult it is to come up or use with a taxonomy that can comprehensively describe a social phenomena whilst remaining elegant in its abstraction.