Adams, C. et al., 2014. A phenomenology of learning large: the tutorial sphere of xMOOC video lectures. Distance Education, 35(2), pp.1–15. NOTES

Study claims that there is no evidence for the revolutionary claims of milk advocates. Study aims to be counterbalance to lack of evidence. Study Focuses on video lecture as singular lived experience. Parallels with fandom.
Page 3  Ian Bogost 2013 critique MOOCS. MOOCS still need lectures. Lectures have not disappeared only changed.
Is mu just a lecture reformatted two screens. Is learning the same as being in a lecture accept online? What is it really like to learn in a mooc?
Study claims learning with mooc is not just being in a lecture online. Paragraph page 3 research ignores previous research on online learning Communities for example social media Wikipedia etc.
Page 4 analysis of new users. Focus on completion rates. Drum website does not need to focus on completion. Commercial Focus changes key measurement to Revenue.
Page 5 learner Analytics are giving new objective glimpses of student behaviour. Questionable?
Page V how can I study address three objective and priests subjective realities? Maybe you need to gather people’s opinions before they take the new course?
Page V total experience with course reminders getting email notifications. Similar to emails from drum Dave? What is the point of these emails? Ask Dave.
page 7 methodology. What is the experience of people who complete move courses. Uses phenomenology of practice method. Benefits of research method gives practical insights communicates forcefulness and is ethically sensitive. reVeals rich complex reality of learning experience. Concentrates on pre-reflective involvement eg before subject has chance to  rationalise conceptualise. The aim is to show something in all its details no editing. Is this possible?
Data sources. Daily journals by MOOC course users. And in-depth interviews with new course completed. Study looks for moments in the journal that are mentioned in the interview. Shows significant moments.
Data analysis. Interview transcripts and journals scanned for significant moments. LEDs. Researchers look for themes existential and eidetic reflection. Eidetic means vivid recall of images. Themes studied include relationship student develops with instructor on videos full. Relationship students perceived with other students.
Early study result. Users were surprised at the intimacy of the relationship they perceived with the instructors via videos. Users reported it almost feels like they’re speaking directly to them. Users reported they forgot that do the videos with directed at 1000 students. Like it was just for that. Personal tutor.
Conclusion new courses do not allowed teacher student one to one relationship. But can allow addressing meaning that the video lectures can be given in a way that it seems like the teacher is speaking directly to you.
Are the findings. Post-editing voice-over of videos buy tutor increases feeling of personal connection to mu course students. But only if there is a audience in the video. Feels like bonus just for new course users. Cheetahs giving encouragement in the video is important. But hard to measure what it means to users.
constant availability of videos gives student impression that teacher is always there for them. A lecture is not just a simple transmission of knowledge. It is a hermeneutics speech act that is augmented with technology elements whilst relying untraditional drama effects and tricks. Page 11
When does video lecturer gets it right the students feel like they are drawn into a space with the teacher the screen. the video disappears. Video lecture feels like an event. Knowing that you are watching the same thing as many many others. Like a rock concert. Does this uniquely distinguish move courses from other online learning? Study reveals that not all users feel this.
Conclusion study reveals that lecturers cannot be entirely dismissed. They have a place in both connectives list and instructional moo courses. Early research showed that soon results from those who did distance learning with videos do not differ from on campus students significantly. This study showed that personal intimate relationships with teacher can be experienced even through online videos. Lecturers can be part of transmedia education. The feeling of eventedness can be what distinguishes new courses from other online learning.