Netography 5 – A conceptual map of Drumeo as a space of flows

Click here for map

This map takes inspiration from Hines (2000, p.13) suggestion that ethnographic fieldwork could be based around tracing connections rather than focus on a single location.

Like any map, and in fact more so than cartographic maps, this is a personalised, time bound representation with many omissions. The pages themselves can expand as you scroll downwards and the surface content updates regularly. What I’ve tried to show is the blurred boundaries of Drumeo as a self contained website, as a networked site within the wider internet and as physical site “in real life”.

One of the things that it perhaps should reflect is that there are several teachers streaming their lessons onto Drumeo all over North America. There are also far more users than I have indicated.

One could also make a link between Hines connectivist approach and  an excellent lesson on Drumeo by Stanton Moore on musical mileage (click here). In this lesson Stanton explains how you can trace connections between certain drumming patterns and apply them in different cultural contexts. You can take the sticking pattern RRLRRLRL and play it in a New Orleans funk style, Brazilian Maracatu or Cack Handed English Indie Drum and Bass. So rather than focus on a single location as a drummer you situate your work in the space of flows.