Week 6 Synthesis – Video and Presence


(this is one of the first bands I ever brought a tape of)

My posts here, here and here all relied heavily on video in order to document the experience of participating with the Drumeo community. Indeed, it would be impossible for Drumeo to exist without video technology. This reflects Lister’s point that media is a combination of tech affordance as well as human creativity and economic power (Lister, 2009).

Reviewing my posts got me thinking about presence. Hine (2000) gave a brief overview on the debates of reflexivity in ethnography, the fundamental question being how, or even should, ethnographers draw attention to their “presence” in the construction of ethnographic knowledge? By appearing in the videos is  my presence as a digital ethnographer more obvious than in my posts here, here and here? Two of those posts have verbatim text from Drumeo forums where I am writing quite informally. One post was written just for this blog. Am I more present in a personal sense when writing impersonally in comparison with the post where I was consciously writing in a formal, academic register?

Another thing I’ve noted in the lifestream is that I’ve not been posting much in Twitter during this block. Unlike my coursemates I don’t really use it much for conversations. As most of my work has been specific to Drumeo I didn’t feel I had much to share.  Having said that for a while I had the honour of the top rated tweet for #mscedc. The approval of our algorithmic overlords and my classmates appealed to my vanity. Something to explore in the next block perhaps.

Also Jeremy whilst you’re here can you look at this and leave your response as a comment? Thanks!