Final Assessment – Open “letter” to my tutor

Hello Jeremy,


I’ve been thinking about the final assessment. A while back I listened to a talk by James Loxley from the History department Following this I decided to try out the app that was produced as a result of his research. I documented the experience in a sort of Digital Ethnographic manner:

As you can see where possible in the video I have tried to make my commentary link back to the readings and themes from the course.

During the editing process I had a chance to talk to Bill Jenkins about the Curious Edinburgh app he has been involved in making. I was intending to make another video documenting me and my wife using it with a similar commentary.

For the final assessment I was thinking of perhaps producing a video comparing and reviewing the two apps. Much in the manner of vlogging reviews e.g.:

I am trying to settle on a question that will allow me to structure the review. I was thinking maybe “How can digital, networked media be used to represent formal academic knowledge?: Two contrasting      app-roaches”

What is an acceptable length of video for the assessment? Depending on how much footage I am allowed to submit I will either include the raw “app experience” videos as part of my life stream or as part of the final assessment. I intend to reference the final submission video by adding hyperlink popups at any point I mention an academic text. As this is a bit laborious I would probably not do that for the “raw” videos if they are only going to be part of the life stream. I could also add some video chapter markers to help you as a marker to skip to the most pertinent comments. I think perhaps an additional criteria could be ease of navigation. In IDEL the additional criteria were optional. Is that the case here?